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Meet Kristin

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I have struggled with chronic illness for as long as I can remember. As I grew into adulthood, the impact it had on my life became more significant. Maintaining full time employment, marriage, and motherhood took its toll on my mind, body and soul. Thrown into the healthcare system searching for answers, I quickly realized how broken it can be. Through my own health journey, my passion for helping others grew stronger. I watched as others suffered just as I have, and I felt the pull to help them in any way I could. Eventually, my body sent me a strong message that it was time to change my life. It finally forced me to quit my job and accept that I was now disabled with Lyme disease, MCAS, POTS, and mold illness. This major life shift caused me to see the world from a whole new perspective, rediscover who I truly am, and that it was time to follow my true purpose, health coaching.   

Health & Harmony provides holistic health coaching, a preventative approach that recognizes multidimensional health and the whole person. Health coaching plays a valuable role in integrated healthcare, helping clients truly heal through implementing sustainable lifestyle changes. The advantage of a health coach, is the support and motivation they provide, ensuring changes are implemented in ways that work for the client. By addressing lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, nutrition, and movement, Health Coaches help their clients improve their health holistically, enhancing outcomes. A Health Coach supports clients in mobilizing internal strengths and external resources to achieve self-determined health and wellness goals. If you're looking for a guide and true healthcare partner who is empathetic and understanding of your journey, then health coaching is for you.


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